The visit to the tomb of the Polish violinist Henryk Wieniawski, (friend and contemporary of Pablo Sarasate), marks the future of Anna, a girl who ends up becoming a violinist. This passion and profession leads her to Pamplona to become part of the Navarre Symphonic Orchestra. Anna, the guiding force of the documentary, meets people and visits places that allows us to intimately explore the life of Pablo Sarasate like never before. Pablo was unique in his time and today his legacy is kept alive by every contemporary violinist. Meetings with experts about his life and his music are interspersed with live violin performances by internationally acclaimed violinists, filmed in different formats. Through fictionalized sequences, the film explores the complex personality of Pablo, the sacrifices that his mother made for him and his relationship with his friend, the famous tenor from Navarre, Julian Gayarre.

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